MLB Rumors: Could David Wright go to the New York Yankees?

By lauraludlum
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Alex Rodriguez has been in the news quite frequently lately, mostly due to his lack of production in the postseason.  Of course there was the incident from the other day where he tried to pick up two women in the stands at the stadium instead of sitting on the bench, (where Joe Girardi had kept him for that game) watching his team trying to win a game in the ALCS.

It seems as if the tension between A-Rod and the New York Yankees is growing at a rapid rate, which causes fans to wonder what will become of him?  As you recall the Yankees threw an immense amount of money his way, and they still owe him well over 100 million over the course of the next five years.  But according to Keith Olbermann, A-Rod could be on his way to the Miami Marlins, if the teams could work out a trade that would make sense.

How unloading a $114 million contract for a failing pitcher in Heath Bell is unbeknownst to me, however let’s just say something does happen there.  What would happen to that hole surrounding third base?

Enter David Wright.

Becoming a free agent at the end of 2013, the New York Mets third baseman pretty much already has the baseball world at his fingertips and paying even closer attention to his play than they already do.  He’s a young, productive, talented star who plays hard day in and day out.  The Mets can, and are expected to shortly after the World Series, pick up Wright’s one year option for $16 million for next season.  But if A-Rod is gone, don’t expect the Yankees to not make a push for the best third baseman in New York, perhaps even before his last year with the Mets is over.

Would he make a good fit for the Yankees, and how would he fare in the American League?

David’s numbers against the American League, although not the largest sample, were outstanding this past season.  He hit .370 against AL teams.  In fact, ironically enough, the Yankees are the only AL team he didn’t hit over .400 against.

Somewhat surprisingly, his numbers aren’t that great at Yankee Stadium itself.  In the last four years he’s hitting under .200 with only two home runs and two RBIs.  But I’m sure if this were to become his home, he could get adjusted to it, and would be hitting home runs in no time.

David has already made it clear that money is not the only factor in his decision of which team to sign with next.  He, as most players do, wants the opportunity to win a World Series.  And I don’t see that happening in the near future for the Mets.  Although with the way the Yankees are playing this season, I don’t know if I see that in their near future either.

I’m sure David loves the Mets, and has a strong connection to the organization.  I’m just saying don’t rule this scenario out, and don’t be surprised if it happened. I’m sure it would be a boat load of money, the opportunity to play for a history filled franchise, and he wouldn’t even have to move.

The longer it takes for David to sign a long term deal with the Mets, the more nervous Mets fans should become.


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