MLB Rumors: Will New York Yankees Try to Trade Alex Rodriguez This Off-Season?

By Christopher Gamble
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

There will be plenty of MLB rumors surrounding Alex Rodriguez this winter as the New York Yankees might do everything in their power to trade their embattled superstar third baseman.

Obviously, the fact that Rodriguez has five years, and over $100 million on his contract is a huge obstacle.  However, when Brian Cashman wants someone gone he will find a way to get that person out of there.

Rodriguez might have worn out his welcome after he obtained the phone number of Kyna Treacy, a bikini model from Australia in the ninth inning of the Game 1 playoff loss to the Detroit Tigers.  Rodriguez was pinch-hit for in the 8th inning by manager Joe Girardi and obviously spent the rest of the evening finding other things to do, like flirting instead.

After news leaked about the incident, Rodriguez found himself riding the pine once again for Game 3.  However, neither Joe Girardi nor Brian Cashman would comment on the incident and instead offered Rodriguez’s struggles at the plate as the reason.

What leads me to believe that Rodriguez was benched for his behavior is the fact that throughout the game Rodriguez never looked available to pinch-hit and instead stayed in his wool hat and jacket.

Rodriguez’s stay in New York has been nothing short of contentious.  Regardless, Rodriguez has produced, winning 2 MVP awards and helping the Yankees to their 2009 World Series Championship.  However, off-field issues including an admission to using steroids, have clouded his time in the Bronx.

This latest incident might be the straw that broke the camel’s back and Cashman might do everything in his power to rid the team of the sideshow that has become Alex Rodriguez.

Teams won’t exactly be lining up for Rodriguez because of the size of his contract.  However, if the Yankees are willing to pay a large portion of Rodriguez’s contract they might find a taker, even for a soon-to-be 38-year-old third baseman.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and their recent spending spree might seem like a good fit for Rodriguez.  One thing is certain; they don’t exactly have a star at third base now that Hanley Ramirez is back at shortstop.  A contract for contract swap of Rodriguez for someone like Carl Crawford is unlikely, especially since there is a clause in Crawford’s contract that prevents him from being traded to the Yankees by his new team.

However, there are options.  If the Yankees would be willing to pick up $80 million of Rodriguez’s contract, an unprecedented sum, he could go anywhere.  There are a few teams that might be willing to take Rodriguez on with that discount.  Expect Cashman to explore every option.


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