New York Yankees Deny Trade Talk On A-Rod

By John Raffel
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman flatly denied on Wednesday that he has been discussing with other teams a trade for beleaguered superstar Alex Rodriguez, who has been benched for the time being in the American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers.

The report straight from Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was made by Keith Olbermann:

“I’ve had no discussions whatsoever with the Florida Marlins,” Cashman said. “I certainly would never have any trade discussions under the circumstances. Again, I did not read what we put out there so I know I probably should be careful. I can tell you there are no discussions whatsoever. They are false.

“We are not down the line on any trade talks on any of our players, including Alex. And I haven’t engaged any general manager about trade discussions, you know, since the deadline for the most part….I’ve had no trade discussions. It’s false, 100 percent false.”

Cashman admitted the obvious: having a lineup without Rodriguez isn’t what he had originally bargained for.

“Pinch-hitting for Alex is not something we envisioned, but you’re in a position to make decisions on a daily basis about trying to find the best way to win,” Cashman said. “We will go forward. Alex will go forward. You know, the one thing about this game, as we’ve all appreciated over time is that you’re going to have some good times and you’re going to have some tough times. Opportunities will exist to continue to get back off that mat and get back in the ring and battle.

“And Alex is going to wait for that opportunity. Right now. It looks like in theory, we’ll do that against left-handed pitching, right now, in this particular time, in this particular moment. That doesn’t mean that he’s done that he’s finished that he is not capable. He is still a big threat. For whatever reason right now, we are adjusting to what we are seeing.”


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