Alex Rodriguez Should Not Be A New York Yankee In 2013

By Ryan Gaydos

Alex Rodriguez is the biggest named sports star that is being talked about at this point in time. Between the postseason struggles, his declining stats and the fact that he is focusing on Australian bikini models rather than the actual baseball game is pushing him out of a New York Yankees uniform extremely quick.

With Rodriguez being benched numerous times during the past two series, it could indicate that a trade is imminent once the Yankees season ends. There have already been reports that the Miami Marlins have had preliminary discussion with the Yankees about the third baseman. The reports were not entirely true but they could be true in the future.

Rodriguez still has a very large contract to be dealt with. He has five years, $114 million left and for any team to try to trade for Rodriguez, the Yankees would probably have to pick up a huge chunk of the contract.

The Marlins, the Los Angeles Angels, Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers are all teams that could be willing to pick up Rodriguez in a trade.

He would be able to play third base for the Marlins because they need a third baseman. If he stays in the American League with the Angels and White Sox, Rodriguez would be playing at the designated hitter position.

The Dodgers are a curious case because they have taken on a lot of payroll acquiring Hanley Ramirez, Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford during the season. Rodriguez could replace Luis Cruz who the Dodgers are not expecting to continue his good 2012 year.

As far as the relationship between the Yankees and Rodriguez, it is over. Rodriguez had three strikes: He told the Yankees he was clean when he signed his deal and it turned out Rodriguez was not clean and after that came out his performance deteriorated, then Rodriguez failed to perform in the postseason with the Yankees again and again and what takes the cake is his off-field life co-mingling with his on-field life and the fact that he did not deny not flirting with the ladies.

It is time for this disastrous relationship to end.

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