MLB Rumors: Alex Rodriguez Will Not Waive His No-Trade Clause

By Bryan Lutz
The Star-Ledger – US Presswire

Now that the ALCS is mercifully over, the New York Yankees will technically begin their offseason planning for 2013. And according to Alex Rodriguez, he isn’t going anywhere.

Due to his embarrassing efforts in the postseason yet again, Rodriguez has been the epicenter of MLB rumors, so it’s pretty surprising A-Rod is already squashing any potential move. It will be interesting to see if Rodriguez holds his ground, especially since there is so much heat on him in the Big Apple already.

While Rodriguez is the obvious scapegoat, there were a handful of players responsible for the Yankees’ collapse in 2012. Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Nick Swisher were equally as pathetic as Rodriguez, but they didn’t make $29 million in 2012. It’s not like A-Rod is a bad player by any means. He’s just an aging player. But this is what the Yankees get for giving him that ludicrous back in 2007.

Just because you have the money to spend doesn’t mean you should spend it recklessly. That is exactly what the Yankees did in 2007. A-Rod had a market of one (New York) in 2007, yet the Yankees gave him and Scott Boras exactly what they wanted.

If Rodriguez does waive his no-trade clause, it has been said he will only do it for a big market squad; ergo, one of the only teams that works is the Chicago White Soxbut New York would have to pick up a large portion of his remaining salary.

However, all of that is a mute point if the rumors are true about A-Rod not waiving his no-trade clause.

The waiting game begins now…

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