MLB Rumors: Kevin Youkilis to New York Yankees?

By Christopher Gamble
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

There will be hundreds of MLB rumors around the New York Yankees this winter.  Many of them will center around third baseman Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees’ newfound desire to trade their expensive, constantly embattled star.  If the Yankees do happen to trade Rodriguez there won’t be many options to replace him.  However, one that replacement that could be interesting is Kevin Youkilis.

The Chicago White Sox are expected to decline the $13 million option on their third baseman and use their $1 million buyout option, making the former Boston Red Sox star a free agent.

While Youkilis’ landing with the Yankees would be a long-shot, it would certainly be interesting, especially if Joba Chamberlain gets to throw him batting practice.

It is worth noting the Yankees took a chance on another former Red Sox third baseman who many thought was done.  That guy was Wade Boggs and he would go on to win Gold Gloves with the Yankees and helped the Yankees win the 1996 World Series.

Okay, so Youkilis is far from being Wade Boggs but he is a serviceable player who could contribute to the Yankees on offense and defense.  Plus, Youkilis has a little chip on his shoulder against the Red Sox and might put past differences aside to prove to his former team he still has some good baseball left in him.

While this is an interesting idea it is unlikely to happen.  It is doubtful the Yankees can trade Rodriguez, if that is their intention, quickly enough to nab Youkilis in free agency.  Youkilis might be with a new team before the Yankees find a taker for Rodriguez.  Or, youkilis could be one of those guys who hangs around a while in free agency because he is asking for more money than he is worth at this point.  I mean, it isn’t like the Yankees have a history of overpaying players or anything.

More to the point, I doubt Youkilis and the Yankees would be a fit in the clubhouse.  It is hard to erase the bad blood that has developed between Youkilis and some Yankees, most notably Joba Chamberlain.  But, stranger things have happened in baseball and with the Yankees.

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