MLB Rumors: Will the Chicago White Sox Trade For Alex Rodriguez?

By Evan Crum
Brace Hemmelgarn-US Presswire

I don’t think that anyone could have predicted that Alex Rodriguez would be the talk of the MLB in regards to possibly leaving the New York Yankees. His contract is huge, he has a no trade clause, and well he’s a Yankee. Yet he has struggled in the post season and it seems that the Yankees are tired of dealing with Rodriguez. Could he be a member of the Chicago White Sox?

It would be a bold move if the White Sox traded for Rodriguez. Kenny Williams has always been about the bold move. He has always been about making a move that he thinks will instantly upgrade the White Sox and give the team their best chance to win.

If the White Sox traded for Rodriguez it would be an instant upgrade at third base. The chances of Kevin Youkilis being brought back to the White Sox are slim. Rodriguez would be a huge upgrade over Brent Morel who is still dealing with back issues.

Rodriguez has a no trade clause and rumors are that he only wants to be traded to a team in a big market. While the White Sox are considered the second team in the second city, Chicago is still a bigger market then Seattle or Tampa Bay.

Rodriguez playing on the White Sox seems like a natural fit. The White Sox get a power hitting third baseman, Rodriguez plays in a big market, and he gets out of New York.

Sorry to burst your bubble but it isn’t a natural fit. . His stats have been declining since 2010. Rodriguez is going to be 37 next year. The White Sox are already going to be an old team compared to others. Do the White Sox really want another player on the roster that strikes out 100 plus times a year?

I also don’t think that the Yankees would give up Rodriguez for nothing. They would want some huge prospects in return. Players like Jordan Danks, or Jared Mitchell come to mind. They might want a bigger name such as Alex Rios. Then what would the White Sox do? They would have to find a right fielder again.

I don’t think that the Yankees are going to pay most of the salary also. That means the White Sox would have to pay most of Rodriguez’s salary. The White Sox can’t afford the rest of Rodriguez’s salary.

The double bladed sword about Rodriguez coming would be media coverage. White Sox fans tend to complain a lot about how the White Sox never get any attention. Well, if Rodriguez was a White Sox they would get unprecedented coverage. Coverage from major sports networks, constant stories about him. It would be good and bad.

If Williams is able to get Rodriguez for nothing but decent prospects and can get the Yankees to pay the rest of his salary then I say go ahead. Anything but that and Williams will just look foolish. No reason to mortgage the future for one player.

I just don’t think Rodriguez is worth it.


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