St. Louis Cardinals Erasing Albert Pujols with Every Win

By Derek Kessinger
Peter G. Aiken- US PRESSWIRE

If it’s possible to catch the “St. Louis Blues” just months after winning a championship, the St. Louis Cardinals fan base pulled it off with the dread over losing Albert Pujols. In spite of winning the second ring delivered by Albert and company to the city that loves the Cardinals more than life itself, fans were despondent. How would they survive without one of the greatest players to ever play the game? With a 2-1 lead over the San Francisco Giants, they are answering that question.

Pujols left St. Louis for the Los Angeles Angels and $4.4 million more a year, according to reports. However, in his first year in L.A., he had his worst season in baseball. He hit a career low .285 and managed only 30 homeruns. His second lowest total was 34 in his second year. Pujols delivered nothing to the Angels and they are out of the playoffs for the third year in a row.

The Cardinals have a strong roster and a star in fan favorite in David Freese, a hometown kid. He saved the World Series last year against the Texas Rangers and may have to step up the pace with every win this postseason. Cardinals fans are now elated rather than complaining about the loss of Pujols. I mean, this guy’s sign of Pujols says it all. Does he eat his popcorn with butter, I wonder?

Pujols is one of the greatest to play the game. I hope he finds his form and challenges Barry Bonds‘ home run record, but Cardinals fans needed this. Last year Pujols became the third player to hit three home runs in a World Series game, joining Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson. This year he has to watch Matt Holliday and Yadier Molina have all the fun without him, but he made an extra $4.4 million.

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