Chicago White Sox: Brian Cashman Can Learn A Thing From Kenny Williams

By Evan Crum
Kirby Lee- US Presswire

Alex Rodriguez isn’t a superstar. That is what New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said to a radio station in New York. Cashman said that Rodriguez is above average and but not one of the elite players in the MLB anymore.

Why am I talking about this? It has nothing to do with the Chicago White Sox. Yet it does, let me explain. It got me thinking about last year’s struggles with Adam Dunn and how Kenny Williams handled it.

Williams would address Dunn whenever the Chicago media brought up Dunn’s struggles. They did bring it up to Williams many times. The contract that Williams gave Dunn was huge and it was an albatross around Williams’ neck.

Dunn would address it also, constantly. I remember Dunn saying that he never had a year like he did in 2011 in his whole career. In fact, he was even talking about retiring that’s how much he hated playing the game in 2011.

Did Williams call out Dunn? No, he did the opposite. He supported Dunn and said that he needed to improve. Dunn did improve and in 2012 he looked like himself again with his home runs and on base percentage.

It’s odd how Cashman would call out Rodriguez like he did. He pretty much put the entire blame for what happened to the Yankees in the postseason on Rodriguez. The Yankees struggles in the postseason can’t be pinpointed to just Rodriguez. He isn’t the entire lineup. Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano and others struggled also.

Williams isn’t one to hold back, but one of the reasons he is such a good general manager is because of responsibility. Williams always takes responsibility and doesn’t throw his players under the bus.

When the White Sox were eliminated from making the postseason this year he was asked if he considered the season successful. Williams said he didn’t because they weren’t in the playoffs and didn’t have a chance to win the World Series.

It seems that Cashman doesn’t want to take any blame for what happened in the postseason. It also seems to me that he is using Rodriguez as a scapegoat which is pretty easy to do. I still haven’t heard Cashman ever take responsibility for the bad contracts he gave to Carl Pavano, AJ Burnett, and Javier Vasquez just to name a few.

Look, I’m not a huge Rodriguez fan. I think his contract is terrible and I do think he is slowing down. He isn’t the elite player he once was but his general manager doesn’t have to point that out. That’s for fans, sports radio, and sports writers to discuss.

Cashman can take a lesson from Williams and take responsibility for his actions. Otherwise, it’s going to be an even longer winter for the general manager of the Yankees.

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