John Farrell To Be Next Manager Of Boston Red Sox

By Ryan Gaydos

As soon as Bobby Valentine was let go by the Boston Red Sox, there was a strange feeling that Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell could be the next one to manage the Red Sox even though he was still under contract with the Blue Jays. Early Sunday, the Red Sox made it official acquiring Farrell in a trade that sends infielder Mike Aviles north of the border.

Farrell’s contract will now extend to the 2015 season, two more years than he had with the Blue Jays. The Red Sox are also expecting to get a player in return as well. Adam Lind is a person that could be linked as part of the compensation package.

It took a lot of time for Farrell and Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos to come out with talks with the Red Sox about Farrell. Farrell told reporters that he was staying in Toronto when questions arose about his status with the team and if there were any talks with the Red Sox about possibly managing that franchise.

This is not the first time that a trade or “compensation package” has been sent to acquire a manager or executive. The Miami Marlins sent Jhan Marinez and Ozzie Martinez to the Chicago White Sox last year to acquire Ozzie Guillen. The Red Sox did something like this last year when they acquired pitching prospect Chris Carpenter from the Chicago Cubs for Theo Epstein.

Farrell was a former pitching coach for the Red Sox from 2007-2010. When he was the pitching coach, Red Sox pitcher led the league in strikeouts, opponents batting average and shutouts.

Farrell is expected to revive the dead atmosphere that Valentine left when he was fired by the organization in early October.

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