Alex Rodriguez will be 'Everyday Player' in 2013 says Yankees GM Brian Cashman

By lauraludlum
The Star Ledger-US PRESSWIRE


Today on WFAN 660, the New York area’s number one sports talk radio station, Mike Francesa interviewed Brian Cashman, the New York Yankees general manager, who after this year’s postseason disappointment for his franchise, had a lot of questions to answer.

But of course it all started with Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod, who went 3-25 with no RBIs or home runs during the entire 2012 post season is probably most noted this year for his attempt at picking up women by throwing them a baseball with a message on it while he sat on the bench and his teammates were trying to win their first game of the ALCS.

The Yankees owe Alex lots and lots of money;  to the tune of $114 million over the next five years.  So, the remnants of that obscene contract coupled with the games that Rodriguez was benched throughout these playoffs leave Yankees fans wondering what will become of the All-Star third baseman next season.

According to Cashman, A-Rod will be an “everyday player” in 2013.  Even when being spoon fed the description of platoon player, the Yankees GM insisted that Rodriguez would be playing on a regular basis.  Cashman did hint that A-Rod would be moving towards the designated hitter position, so we don’t really know how long he will be out there game after game.

When it came to the decision about benching A-Rod for a couple of games in the playoffs, Cashman noted that it was in fact Joe Girardi’s call, but Cashman did give Joe his “blessing” to do so.   He also pointed out that A-Rod “never got good, actually got worse” after coming off the disabled list, and while he isn’t defensively or offensively the player he used to be, that A-Rod is still an above average third baseman.

I like Cashman’s brutal honesty.  I don’t know if Alex sees these comments as a threat or motivation.  This whole scenario can go one of two ways:  The first being that A-Rod comes out in 2013 to prove all his nay-sayers, including Cashman, wrong, and has a strong rebound season, which would really be a win for the Yankees as well.  The other would be that A-Rod comes out next season much like the way he ended this one; he doesn’t really seem to care about the game, he just goes through the motions and collects his very large paycheck, thus in a way sticking it to the Yankees.

Of course there is always the element of surprise that Cashman is lying through his teeth and will send A-Rod anywhere that will take him.

While I think the latter is probably out of the realm of possibilty, I am leaning towards the option where Rodriguez will be back, but perhaps only physically.  As much as he says he wants to be a Yankee or play in New York, there can’t be one person in this world who believes it.  There is a serious lack of heart and effort when he plays, and I’m just not talking about numbers and statistics.  There is a vast difference in the way Derek Jeter, or pretty much any other Yankee, plays the game versus Alex Rodriguez.

Unfortunately only time can tell what will happen.

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