Are New York Mets Fans Too Happy in Carlos Beltran's Loss?

By lauraludlum


Do New York Mets fans hold on to things?

Mention the name Carlos Beltran to any fan and they’ll immediately start painting the picture of the 2006 NLCS to you:  It was game seven.  With the St. Louis Cardinals scoring two runs in the top of the ninth, they were now two runs ahead and three outs away from the World Series.  But the Mets weren’t dead yet.  Jose Valentin and Endy Chavez would single their way on base.  Two outs later, Paul Lo Duca walked to load the bases for Carlos Beltran.

Carlos Beltran, who hit .275 with 41 home runs and 116 RBIs during the regular season.  Carlos Beltran, who hit .278 with three home runs and five RBIs in the post season that year.  Carlos Beltran, who was their star, who every Mets fan would name as the man they wanted up in that situation.

As the count quickly became 0-2, every fan, along with Beltran himself, watched in silence as the next pitch from Adam Wainwright curved over the outside of the corner of the plate, and the umpire called strike three.  Game over.  World Series hopes over.

But is that five seconds of time reason enough to negate an entire good career with a team?  According to Twitter, Mets fans think it is.

As the opportunity to end the NLCS presented it itself to Carlos again, this time for the St. Louis Cardinals, and in a very different situation as the Cardinals had no shot of coming back. Twitter was buzzing about him, and fans were not shy to share their true feelings:





I see this as incredibly unfair.  I understand that an organization brings in big players for these types of moments, but when a player doesn’t deliver, to act like the rest of his career never exsisted is absurd.  Without the way that Beltran played, the Mets wouldn’t have even come close to the NLCS in 2006.

I was as heart broken as the next Mets fan when it happened, but life goes on.  What’s the point in harboring such ill feelings for a player for this long, and really over one moment?

I am proud to say I am, and will always be, both a Mets fan and a Carlos Beltran fan.


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