Chicago White Sox: Finally a True Leadoff Hitter

Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox have been looking for a true leadoff man since Scott Podsednik. The White Sox tried multiple lead off men including Juan Pierre. I think the White Sox finally found their man.

When Alejandro De Aza was brought up in 2011 to play I saw something. I saw a true leadoff hitter that understood the position. He only played 54 games and had a .329 average.

2012 was going to the best first true test for De Aza. He was named the everyday centerfield and this would be his first full season in the MLB.

De Aza did impress and put up good numbers for a leadoff hitter. In 131 games he had a .281 average. More importantly he hit 29 doubles, 6 triples, had nine homeruns and drove in 50 runs. Most importantly for a leadoff hitter he had an on base percentage of .349.

When De Aza was on base, he was an instant threat to steal. He stole 26 bases and was only caught 12 times. He was ranked 11th in the American League at his position for stolen bases. His speed also saved him with double play balls. He only hit into one double play all year.

Fielding was good for De Aza as well he had a .991 fielding percentage. He only committed three errors all year. De Aza can get better in center and taking routes to balls. There were a few times this year that I remember that he would take the wrong route on a ball.

This off-season for the White Sox for the first time in a long time there won’t be endless questions about who will leadoff. De Aza has settled that question.

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