Marlins Dismiss Manager Ozzie Guillen

By Riley Schmitt
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Ozzie Guillen was supposed to be the guy that got people talking about the Miami Marlins. Instead, the team struggled all season and the team has gone in another direction. Guillen has been dismissed as the manager of the team.

This move should come as a shock to no one.  Guillen got off to a horrid start by getting suspended after saying he respected Fidel Castro.  In a town full of Cuban exiles, that was not exactly the smartest thing to say.  The Marlins also had a money splurge in the offseason but Guillen was unable to get everything under control.

There will be some teams out there that will try to bring Guillen in.  However, I find him to be an extremely overrated manager.  He did win one World Series but that did not have a lot to do with him.  Instead, his pitching staff managed to have one of the best seasons ever.

I guess he can help loosen up a clubhouse but his in game managing is not so hot.  I have seen his need to have a fast leadoff hitter and his insistence on bunting guys over first hand.  It ends up hurting the team more than it helps.  If you are giving away outs, you are hurting your chances to end up winning the game.

So long Ozzie.  Marlins fans may be mad but a lot of people saw bad things happening with this from the start.  Better luck next time.

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