MLB Rumors: Do The Yankees Have Some Interest In AJ Pierzynski?

By gilgerard

AJ Pierzynski is coming off the best season of his career after hitting .278 with 28 homers. That’s huge for a catcher and something the New York Yankees have for sure taken notice of. The Yankees are going to be involved in all MLB Rumors this offseason and don’t appear eager to bring back Russell Martin. They have a few young guns almost ready to take over, so why AJ? Well it’s simple. AJ is supposedly willing to accept a short term deal to play in New York, which makes him a popular candidate for the Yankees.

If AJ can hit with the power he had in 2012, he’s going to be a monster in the little park known as the new Yankee Stadium. The Chicago White Sox might not want to offer AJ a 3 year deal around $10 million a year, so they could be willing to let him walk, and if so, I expect the Yankees to be intrigued because of his ability to destroy a baseball to right field.

Another important thing? AJ takes charge. Most fans can’t stand the guy unless he’s wearing the colors of a team they root for, but AJ controls the tempo of the game from behind the plate and that’s what you want to see from your catcher. The Yankees are going to need to add some pitching this offseason, so it’s important to have the veteran catcher around to make sure the new guys feel adjusted. If AJ can do that for a season or two, it’s going to allow the Yanks to develop Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez a little bit more.

This is definitely a good fit and I could see the Yankees jumping on the AJ bandwagon quickly.

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