MLB Rumors: Will the New York Mets Say Goodbye to Mike Pelfrey?

By lauraludlum


It seems as if the New York Mets plan to let starting pitcher, Mike Pelfrey, become a free agent.

Pelfrey made over $5.5. million last year, and if the Mets made him an offer, he would receive more than that next season through arbitration.  By not extending an offer, the Mets could potentially snag him back at a lower price.

Don’t do it, Mets.  Just let him go.

I was never really a huge (no pun intended, though he does stand at a mighty tall 6’7”) fan of Pelfrey’s, and I wonder why he’s even been on the team this long.

Since joining the team in 2006, Pelfrey has started 149 games and has a record of 50-54, with an ERA of 4.36. Those numbers certainly aren’t impressive.  Neither is this one:  The guy gives up hits.  He averages 9.9 hits per game.  With the way the Mets bats were this season, they most certainly can’t allow that many hits on average.

Aside from his mediocre numbers to begin with, in May he underwent Tommy John surgery, and will most likely miss the beginning of next season.  Coming back from a major surgery is hard.  Most pitchers lose some of their magic when they make their come back, and honestly, Pelfrey can’t afford to lose much.

With the potential abundance of pitchers next year in R.A. Dickey, Johan Santana, Matt Harvey, Dillion Gee, Jonathan Niese, and Zack Wheeler in triple-A, the Mets have plenty of selections to choose from as far as a starting rotation.  They don’t need to hold onto Pelfrey.

Of course when he comes back from surgery, signs with the New York Yankees for $1 million, and proceeds to pitch three no hitters in three consecutive starts, I’ll maintain the fact that I always believed the Mets should have kept him.

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