Ricky Nolasco Is Not Pleased With The Ozzie Guillen Firing

By Riley Schmitt

Ricky Nolasco must have been one of the guys who enjoyed playing for Ozzie Guillen. The Miami Marlins pitcher took to Twitter soon after the news broke that Guillen was fired to express his opinion. I have censored the Tweet, but it is still pretty funny.

U gotta be [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] me

You should probably be able to fill in those gaps.  Nolasco obviously thought that Guillen should get more than one year but the writing was on the wall.  You can not pay big bucks for a manager and then have him show no interest in the game.  Ozzie looked detached all season and it was clear that it affected the team.

The Marlins are now on the hook for a lot of money while Ozzie gets to sit at home and do nothing.  The Marlins took a gamble by hiring him but it did not work.  A lot of people saw it coming but no one inside the organization thought it could happen.  Ozzie is overrated and he simply was not a good fit.

I will say that athletes on Twitter can end up saying some stupid things but Nolasco’s tweet made me laugh out loud.  He may not have been referencing the dismissal of his manager but just look at the timing.  It is painfully obvious that his frustration boiled over.

I expect the Marlins to struggle for some time.  The team is just a giant batch of drama.  Even without Ozzie, there is still too much junk floating around that team.

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