Should the Chicago Cubs Hire Ozzie Guillen to Replace Bob Brenly

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Cubs should hire recently fired Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen to replace Bob Brenly. Last week, Brenly announced he was leaving the Cubs and will now be broadcasting for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Brenly was great because not only because he understood the game and wasn’t bias, but because he had no ties to the Cubs. Guillen could bring that same perspective to the Cubs and make the broadcasts amazingly entertaining.

I know what many of you are thinking…ChicagoBearJew, have you lost your freaking mind?!?!?!? Not only can Guillen not control his mouth but he sometimes talks so fast and with such a heavy accent he is difficult to understand. I think he will be much more controlled in the booth and will be quite funny. I am not a fan of Guillen, but I respect his baseball knowledge and off-the-wall comments. Wouldn’t it be fun to have Guillen ranting and raving during the games? He would keep things entertaining for a really bad Cubs team this upcoming season.

Len Kasper could really use some spicing up. While he has gotten better as a broadcaster, he can also get dull and boring at times as well. Kasper has a relationship with Guillen extending back to Guillen’s days as a coach with the then Florida Marlins, so there’s already a relationship. With the right coaching and training, this could be just what the Cubs need to stay interesting next season. Us Cubs fans know this team will be brutal, but Guillen will keep all of us in stitches. Plus, we will all wait for him to have one of his moments.

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