The Bronx and the Beautiful: The Alex Rodriguez story

By Nik Swartz
Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
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To say Alex Rodriguez is no longer a superstar may possibly be the biggest understatement in all of sports. New York Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman, went to the radio in New York to tell all New Yorkers something they already knew; that Rodriguez was ‘no longer a superstar’. Talking about Rodriguez to the media, you would assume Cashman would choose his words wisely. Since the thought would naturally be that the Yankees are far better with A-Rod away from the Bronx.

During Cashman’s interview he made very little sense, bouncing back and forth, making no real point. Maybe that was his plan because the other thought is scary – that he has no idea how to get Rodriguez out of New York, and 13 will be playing third for the Yankees in 2013.

After Cashman said that Rodriguez is no longer a superstar, he followed it up with “it would be unrealistic for us to be moving forward with anyone but Alex Rodriguez at third base”. What? Did he watch the playoffs or has he looked at A-Rod’s numbers in October? The man looked horrible at the plate.  It was almost too painful to watch.

The Yankees are going to have a very hard time pushing Rodriguez’s enormous salary off on any other team, and that was before Cashman opened his mouth. The Yankees need A-Rod “A-Gone”. It is as simple as that, but Cashman doesn’t make it simple. So what is the A-Rod plan? The Yankees are going to pay millions of dollars for Rodriguez to play for another team? Just as quick as Cashman said Rodriguez was not a superstar, he called a trade of Rodriguez “unrealistic”, but then he would listen to offers. This is so confusing that there has to be a method behind this madness – one would hope.

So Cashman is telling every team in baseball that he has an over paid third baseman/DH/strikeout king, who is no longer a superstar and trading him is unrealistic, although he would listen to offers. Cashman, for starters, has lost his mind.

Getting A-Rod out of town is the best move for the Yankees, so why bash Rodriguez if he is really trying to get rid of him? Or is it that he can’t and that’s why he said “trading him would be unrealistic”. Well if trading him is an option, Cashman did not help himself much with his comments.

Rodriguez, in prior seasons, had at the very least excelled in the regular season and choked in October. This year, it wasn’t just October, because he was hurt on and off the whole season.  The 2012 playoffs were far worse than anything anyone had seen from him – the finest playoff choke artist in the history of baseball. It was so bad that Rodriguez could not catch up to fastballs, as opposing pitchers dared him to, making him look foolish when he tried.

If Cashman thinks telling anyone that Rodriguez is not a superstar anymore is news, he is not that intelligent. The bigger story may be that Cashman is ruining any chance of ever getting Rodriguez’s insane contract off the Yankees books, or finding a team that may help the Yankees not only get A-Rod out, but also help limit the financial hit from the contract, so he can move on and build a team that can do more than just get into the playoffs.

Cashman calling a trade unrealistic and then following that up by saying if a team called he would listen is making this divorce from Rodriguez messier than it needs to be. Why would any team in their right mind want a player that is being called washed up by his boss?

As of now, everything from the Yankees brass says Rodriguez is coming back to New York. Yankee fans across the country, it is ok to cry.

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