Will The Colorado Rockies Hire Jason Giambi?

By gilgerard

Jason Giambi is supposedly a final candidate for the Colorado Rockies open managerial spot. The 41-year-old first baseman jumped to the top of the list after a very solid interview and the Rockies might actually be considering him for the role.

What? Really? Well, I guess they’ll anything to sell tickets. Giambi is still an active player, so it’s a possibility that he’ll be a player manager. It’s kind of odd for the former all star (who roided his way to an MVP and monster contract with the New York Yankees) to be considered for a managerial role when he has no experience managing. The Rockies deserve someone who’s going to lead them back to the best of the NL West, not someone who likely will be somewhat of a publicity stunt. I mean come on now–Giambi as manager? That’s just insane.

We likely won’t be hearing a final decision for a few weeks as our favorite commish, Bud Selig, “doesn’t like managerial moves during the World Series” (unless it’s the Boston Red Sox) because it possibly could take away from the two teams battling for the title. So we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks, but I think this whole thing is nuts. There are plenty of qualified names available to manage in the big leagues and call me crazy, but I don’t think Jason Giambi is ready for such a role. Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks before I comment further on the move or non move.

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