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MLB Rumors: Will the Chicago White Sox trade for Tim Lincecum?

Brad Mills-US Presswire

I guess that the San Francisco Giants are hitting the panic button on one of their players. Apparently they are open to a trade for Tim Lincecum. The Chicago White Sox should take advantage of this and make this trade, as long as he isn’t hurt.

Lincecum has had a terrible year. It is unlike him seeing as he was an All-Star from 2008-2011 and a two time Cy Young award winner. Yet in 2012 he was 10-15 and had an ERA of 5.18. In the World Series Bruce Bochy put Lincecum in the bullpen instead of the starting rotation.

People in the Giants organization seem to think that Lincecum’s struggles are due to his mechanics. There might be something else going on though with Lincecum. His fastball dropped from 98 mph to 92. Mechanics don’t tend to drop a pitchers velocity that low.

If Lincecum’s problems are strictly mechanics I can’t think of anyone better than White Sox pitching Coach Don Cooper to fix his problem. White Sox fans will remember that when they traded for Matt Thornton that he had his own mechanic issues. It plagued him when he was with the Seattle Mariners and people were concerned that Cooper wouldn’t be able to fix it.

Cooper instantly adjusted Thornton’s delivery, release point, and other mechanics and he has become an asset and one of the best left handed relievers in the game.

The White Sox should also consider trading for Lincecum since Jake Peavy and Gavin Floyd might not be back next year. While the White Sox do want to go young, passing up on Lincecum would be foolish. The White Sox could also do a sign and trade with Floyd. There are also possible prospects to trade to the Giants.

The White Sox should still look long and hard at Lincecum and make sure that he isn’t hurt. They already had that issue when they traded for Peavy. He had an injury at the trade and couldn’t make an immediate impact when the White Sox traded for him.

The White Sox would have an instant upgrade in their starting rotation with two All Stars. Chris Sale and Lincecum would be the two aces on the staff.

Kenny Williams has been known to take risks and pull the trigger when he thinks he can upgrade the White Sox.

As long as it has to do with mechanics and not injuries I think that Lincecum is worth the risk.

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