Doug Fister Takes Line Drive Shot to Head in Game 2 of World Series (Video)

By Nick Trenchard

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Doug Fister was shelled on the side of the head by a line drive ball off the bat of left-fielder Gregor Blanco in the bottom of the second inning in Game 2 of the World Series.  The ball then ricocheted into center field for a base hit.  Fortunately, Fister was cleared by the trainer and was able to stay in the game.

The play may remind you of Oakland Athletics starter Brandon McCarthy, who was struck in the head by a line drive come-backer earlier this year.  McCarthy had to leave the game and was immediately driven to the hospital in the Bay Area.  He underwent a two-hour surgery that relieved swelling near his brain to take some pressure off his skull.  The result of the injury was a brain contusion and a skull fracture.

However, Fister didn’t seem fazed by the batted ball.  After the inning continued, Fister loaded the bases, but eventually got out of the jam following a pop up to Madison Bumgarner.

Fister’s ability to stay in the game just goes to show you just how tough these pitchers can be when the World Series is on the line.  The ability to stay in the pitchers circle when professional baseball players are batting 80+ MPH balls at you is one of the riskiest positions you can ask any professional athlete to do.

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