MLB World Series: The Detroit Tigers should take Game 2 with Fister on the mound

By tomterrarosa
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

All of those who watched Game 1 of the MLB World Series last night witnessed a ridiculous display of power hitting on the part Pablo Sandoval and tactical pitching by SP Barry Zito. These, along with some phenomenal catches by outfielder Gregor Blanco, played a tremendous role in the absolute beating the San Fransisco Giants placed upon the Detroit Tigers.

After a game like that many may have jumped on the bandwagon towards a San Fran victory. All factors considered however, I just don’t believe that it is as cut-and-dry as that.

Let’s face it. The Giants were at home in an electrifying stadium for Game 1, and Detroit’s ace Justin Verlander was not pitching his best stuff. Do I think the Giants have a greater potential after that spanking? Maybe. Do I think they will pull this thing off? No.

If Detroit can win Game 2 tonight and split it away, they have the better chance to get the job done. I believe it will be in Game 6. The Tigers simply have too many assets to ignore. Losing the ALCS to the Texas Rangers last year, coupled with the fact that they haven’t brought home that trophy since 1984, clearly makes them a more hungry team on paper. It all depends on if the big bats in Detroit’s lineup show up.

Look for the Miguel Cabrera, the triple-crown winner, to come up big for this team in the next few games. As part of one of the most productive 3-4 combos in baseball, Cabrera along with Prince Fielder should make some noise tonight.

Also, a very capable Doug Fister is on the mound tonight for the Tigers. The 28-year-old righty has a combined ERA of 1.35 in two appearances in these 2012 playoffs. Both of these games Detroit won.

Fister should pitch a solid game tonight, and the Tigers should get on a flight back to Detroit with a series-equalizing win under their belts. Let’s just hope last night was a little rust brushing off after a long break and not a sign of things to come.

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