MLB Rumors: Toronto Blue Jays Not Considering Shaun Marcum As FA Target?

By Thom Tsang

So much for a feel-good return engagement for the former ace of the Toronto Blue Jays, then.

Full credit goes to the Andrew Stoten of venerable Drunk Jays Fans blog, who managed to dig out this one very shiny nugget while the rest of us were busy watching the finale to the Real Baseball Managers of Toronto. We’ve talked (well, more like added to the choir) about the potential fit for free agent pitcher Shaun Marcum to return north of the border before, and it certainly seemed like a possibility that it might happen provided that the righty’s asking price was not too high. Marcum wouldn’t be a number-one pitcher on the club over Brandon Morrow, but he’d certainly be a more reliable option than just about every other starting pitcher the Blue Jays have.

He would have been, anyway.

According to the Globe & Mail’s Jeff Blair, who was speaking on his show on the FAN 590, there were some behind-the-scenes stuff going on with the team that, more or less, ends the Marcum speculations:

“I think the Blue Jays thought that there were some things going on in the clubhouse when he was there that they didn’t necessarily like. Shaun Marcum is definitely not coming back here, not as long as Alex Anthopoulos is General Manager, put it that way.”

Now, Blair wasn’t particularly specific about what he called the “extenuating circumstances”; but considering that there was a clubhouse mutiny towards the end of former-manager Cito Gaston‘s time here, I don’t think it’d be too far of a stretch to say it was related. I know the narrative has Alex Anthopoulos selling high on the team’s then-opening day starter when he traded Marcum for Brett Lawrie, but given these new comments from Blair, perhaps there are more layers to that story?


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