MLB World Series: Defense And Pitching Doesn't Win Fans

By Evan Crum
Kelley L. Cox-US Presswire

Game 2 of the World Series was a great pitcher’s duel. Doug Fister of the Detroit Tigers pitched a great game and came up short against Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants. For a hardcore baseball fan like me, it was a great game. For MLB executives and FOX, I’m sure they weren’t as happy as I was.

As the game progressed and both pitchers were spinning gems, I’m sure that MLB executives were shaking their heads. They want a high scoring game since it helps bring casual fans and FOX wants a game that is high scoring for the same exact reason; it helps their ratings and helps people tune in.

Don’t believe me? I will give a great example from firsthand experience. I asked my sister if she wanted to watch the game with me. She sat through a couple innings and then got up to leave. I asked her “Why are you leaving? These pitchers are doing great. This game is exciting” She said “It’s boring, there is no scoring, no one is hitting the ball. I like games where people are hitting home runs.”

Is there a way to fix this “problem”? No, of course there isn’t, which is why FOX has to shower the casual viewers with time fillers. Such as Ken Rosenthal talking about what is trending on Twitter, interviews during innings, talking to Erin Andrews about what seems like nothing, and other trivial things that have no substance.

Pitching duels and pure defensive games are in my opinion more exciting than games that are high scoring. Then again I’m old fashioned at 28 and baseball seems to have changed

I guess it really depends on what type of fan you’re talking to. Most of your average and hardcore baseball fans will always take a low scoring game rather than a high scoring one. Most of the casual fans will take a game that ends up being high scoring with lots of offense.

I’m sure that Pablo Sandoval’s three home run performance in Game 1 had casual fans salivating.

I know that when Game 3 is in Detroit on October 27th that FOX and MLB will hope for one thing, a high scoring game with lots of excitement. Though both should be careful what they wish for. They wouldn’t want a blowout like Game One, which would turn off more viewers.

I guess sometimes as a league and a network you can’t win with casual baseball fans.

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