MLB World Series: Observations About The Broadcast

By Evan Crum
Kelly L. Cox- US Presswire

As I sat and watched the Game Two of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers I observed some things from the broadcast. Things that probably turned off the casual fan and that is the key demographic that Fox and MLB are marketing towards.

First off, not everything that Fox did during Game Two of the World Series was bad. I loved the slow motion camera that they have used throughout the playoffs. Watching the ball come of off Brandon Crawford’s bat when he bunted was incredible.

I enjoyed the microphones all over the field. I enjoyed listening to home plate umpire Dan Iassogna calling balls and strikes. I also enjoyed hearing just pure baseball noises, the sounds of bats to the sounds of cleats running in the dirt.

However, Fox has to stop doing a few things. For one Tim McCarver is really bad. I always knew that he was bad, but he seems to be getting worse. This ruins the experience of watching the World Series. You want a color commentator that actually analyzes and brings something to the broadcast.

Instead McCarver seems confused and out of place. This is the exchange between Joe Buck and McCarver. It was after Tigers catcher Gerald Laird was hit in the back of the head accidently by Ryan Theriot. Buck: “And Laird gets hit on the follow thru by Theriot.” McCarver: “That’s that backswing of Theriot.”

Fox needs to stop showing replays of everything. I don’t think that fans need to see Prince Fielder being hit by the ball multiple times and in slow motion.

One of the things that Fox does that annoys me the most, is the interview during an inning. I know that baseball is a long game, and Fox needs to fill time but there has to be something better then interviews. I don’t like listening to Sergio Romo for what seemed like 45 minutes. There is no substance coming from the interview.

I know that Fox has to promote the other sports they are broadcasting. But do we really need to hear Erin Andrews talk about college football during the World Series? That is what she was doing in the fifth inning. The World Series is the biggest event for the MLB. Talking about college football sort of lessens the event, at least in my opinion.

Finally, why is Ken Rosenthal talking about what is trending on Twitter? After the Romo interview, Buck brought up the fact that Romo was trending on Twitter and then had Rosenthal discuss it. I don’t believe that a casual fan really cares that Romo is trending on Twitter.

If Fox and the MLB want to bring casual fans back to watch the World Series then they have to fix things with the broadcast. If not, the ratings might keep dipping lower and lower.

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