MLB World Series: Will Fox Actually Let Erin Andrews Report?

By Evan Crum
Jerry Lai-US Presswire

I was watching game two of the World Series when Joe Buck started talking to Erin Andrews. Andrews being at the World Series got me asking a simple question. Is she actually doing anything being at the World Series?

I think that Andrews put in the right circumstances can actually bring something to a broadcast. She is a good reporter. However, Fox isn’t utilizing her for that. They aren’t asking her to actually report.

Do you know what Fox had Andrews do in the fifth inning? Fox had Andrews talk about the upcoming college football game that Fox was broadcasting on Saturday.

Fox has Ken Rosenthal actually reporting.  He talks about what is going on in the dugout, who seems tense, who seems loose. He gives observations that fans actually care about.

I feel that the only thing Fox is having Andrews do is be a female version of Tony Siragusa, except a lot better looking.

During NFL broadcasts Siragusa just stands in the background of an end zone talking about what food he likes to eat, and other mundane observations. Once in a while he will interview a coach or player when they go to the locker room at halftime. Siragusa brings nothing to the broadcast.

I think that some of the older executives sit in the press box and just like to look at her and think it’s very cute for a good looking woman to be reporting on baseball. Aren’t we beyond that?

Perhaps this is what Fox wants; they want attention about Andrews being at the World Series. They want the attention that it gives the network and maybe that is why they hired her.

I think that Andrews can bring a lot more to a broadcast then to just sit in the dugout and talk about college football and hold a microphone at a championship presentation.

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