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MLB Rumours: Could Kansas City Royals be interested in RA Dickey?

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RA Dickey New York Mets

Anthony Gruppuso – US Presswire

With the Kansas City Royals hunting far and wide for the reliable starting pitching they need, there is one option that flies a bit under the radar: New York Mets knuckleballer RA Dickey. To an extent there is a very good reason for this, two of them actually. First is that the Mets will very strongly try to keep Dickey in New York for a while yet and actually have an option on Dickey’s current contract for 2013 if no agreement for a long-term extension can be reached. The second is that even if Dickey does become a free agent, he is unlikely to be in the Royals’ price range. Even with the club hinting at spending more this offseason, they may be reluctant to take a gamble on a fairly old (in baseball terms) pitcher who just had surgery. There are a lot of unknowns.

But the Royals should certainly keep an eye on how the contract talks between Dickey and the Mets are going because there is another very interesting possibility. If the Mets do exercise the 2013 option on Dickey’s contract, but feel that no long-term deal will be possible there is a distinct possibility that they will look to trade Dickey. He would still not be an ideal candidate for the Royals as he would very probably leave whatever club to which he is traded at the end of 2013, but if the Mets do not ask a lot for him (and given that if this scenario comes to pass they would be keen to just get something for him at that point it seems likely that they would not) then it is something the Royals could not afford to ignore. Even a year would be a major benefit as the younger pitchers get established and the Royals continue to look for a longer-term solution.

There are a lot of ifs in the above two paragraphs, of course, and it is a scenario that requires a lot of things to happen correctly. But it is not so unlikely that it should be discounted completely.

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