MLB World Series: Cold Weather Is Severely Hurting The Detroit Tigers

By Bryan Lutz
Robert Hanashiro – USA TODAY

Everyone likes to makes excuses for why a team is a struggling, especially when that team has scored three runs in three games. After they haven’t even held a single lead in the MLB World Series against the San Francisco Giants, the Detroit Tigers are only one game away from elimination. Obviously, the offense has been the problem for Detroit, but I think I have an idea why they have struggled so much.

I thought of this theory during the ALCS when the New York Yankees couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat, but a lot of these teams are not made for postseason success in the cold months of October. I can’t believe I am actually saying this as a staunch unbeliever in smallball, but the Giants’ fundamentals are the reason they are squeaking by against the Tigers. Why does smallball matter in October? Well, because the ball doesn’t travel nearly as far in the cold weather.

The Yankees were a team that succeeded based on the home run, yet they couldn’t score whatsoever in the MLB Playoffs without the home run. Also, we are forgetting how bad Detroit’s offense has really been throughout the playoffs. Yes, they swept the Yankees, but every game was pretty close. That’s what made it frustrating for Yankee fans – – they had a chance in every game.

This World Series has basically been a exact replica from the ALCS. One team is squeaking by with wins, while the other team struggles with the fundamentals and dependent on the home run.

If Detroit wants to survive one more night, they need to find some way to manufacture some runs, or else San Francisco will uncork the champagne.

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