MLB World Series: Miguel Cabrera Is The Most Vanished Player

By Bryan Lutz

Miguel Cabrera is definitely the MVP of the 2012 MLB Playoffs, but this MVP stands for the Most Vanished Player. The Detroit Tigers lost 2-0 (again) in Game 3 tonight, giving the San Francisco Giants a 3-0 series lead. And while Cabrera hasn’t been the worst hitter in Detroit’s lineup, he certainly isn’t hitting like the “MVP”.

It was the bottom of the fifth inning when Cabrera came to the plate against Ryan Vogelsong with the bases loaded. I, like many others watching the at-bat, sensed that Cabrera was going to bust out of his funk and push the Tigers in the right direction. Vogelsong came right at Cabrera, throwing his fastball in on his hands in the cold weather. Vogelsong’s plan almost backfired as Cabrera almost dunked one down the right field line to tie the game, but it went foul. Vogelsong came right back on the next pitch, getting Cabrera to popup to the infield.

Target neutralized for the Giants.

You could just feel the energy sucked out of the crowd when the 2012 triple crown winner failed to come up in the clutch, which pretty much let the Giants cruise after that at-bat.

As I said earlier, Cabrera isn’t the only one at fault here. Prince Fielder has been a $220 million waste of space throughout the whole entire playoffs, but Cabrera is the face of that franchise.

I’m against using clutch stats as an argument, so I’m not trying to discredit Cabrera – – he’s still the best hitter in baseball. But he hasn’t mattered throughout this whole postseason and failed when they needed him most.

If Detroit wants to go all 2004 Boston Red Sox on the Giants, they will need the true MVP to shine, not the guy we have seen all postseason.

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