MLB World Series: Tim McCarver Doesn't Know What Is Going On Anymore

By Evan Crum
Golden Sombrero

In Game One of the World Series, Barry Zito drove in a run. The San Francisco Giants fans started chanting “Barry”. The following exchanged happened between Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. “McCarver: “That’s a sound he has not heard too often in this ballpark. That sound of ‘Barry! Barry!”  Buck: “They used to say it for someone else around here.”  McCarver: “When Barry Manilow was here at concerts.”

I’m sorry but I can’t take it anymore with McCarver. For McCarver to actually think that Giants fans chanting “Barry” was for Barry Manilow is ridiculous. Fox has to do something because McCarver is becoming even more of a joke. That reference is just beyond excusable.

I’m sure that when McCarver started doing color commentary he was good. I’m sure that he brought something the broadcast, but now he just sounds like a confused old man. He reminds me of John Madden.

Though in the later years Madden was always made fun of he actually used to be a good color commentator. He knew the game. He could break it down with X’s and O’s and normal fans could understand him.

It wasn’t until the later years that Madden used to talk about food, and used to talk about obvious things. Such as “You know if you score a touchdown that’s six points.”

This same thing has now occurred with McCarver. In game two I remember McCarver actually telling fans what a double play was. He actually said “If he hits the ball here it will be a double play, and that will lead to two outs.” I’m sorry, I know there are casual fans that don’t understand baseball but that last statement makes everyone seem stupid.

Fox has been receiving criticism about McCarver for at least the last five years. Is he the sole reason that ratings are down and that fans don’t want to tune in? Of course he isn’t. I don’t think that a broadcast team on TV can make fans tune in or tune out of games by themselves.

However, it doesn’t help with TV ratings. The only way it could help ratings is if there was a drinking game invented that you would have to drink whenever McCarver says something stupid.

I don’t think that Fox will fire McCarver outright. Just like Madden, McCarver has been in broadcasting long enough that he can determine his own fate. Maybe they would be to tell McCarver that it is time to retire since the game may have passed him by.

Either way, for the fans shakes I hope that something is done soon. Or I may just have to listen to the games on the radio.

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