World Series: MLB Ruining Young Fans With Weekend Night Games

By Andy Schmidt

Major League Baseball has several problems but there is one that can be dealt with that wouldn’t take much effort and that would be getting World Series games on the weekend out of primetime.

The next generation of fans has no chance at all on a school night to see the end of a World Series game that starts at 8 p.m. on the East Coast and doesn’t end until past 11. How does MLB expect to keep fans that are growing up from straying away from the game because the games are all too late at night for them to stay up for? Why not throw them a bone and put some games on in the afternoon over the weekend. I know that a lot of people grew up with their radio under the pillow at night listening to baseball games before they went to bed but this is such an easy fix, I don’t understand why Bud Selig and company won’t consider the idea especially with ratings continuing to fall and the very real possibility that this will be the lowest-rated World Series ever.

Yes, Saturdays are packed full of college football and Sunday afternoons are full of NFL games and you aren’t going to keep fans around for everything unless you make some drastic changes to when the games are on. I feel that all weekend World Series games should start at 4 p.m. Eastern, 3 Central and so on. This gives the youth of America the opportunity to actually see the end of a World Series game for once. The chance is out there to steal back some of the weekend thunder away from the NFL, it’s just the matter of pulling it off so the game can stay as strong as possible for future generations.

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