A Hockey Fan Reacts to the Tenth Inning of the World Series

By Krista Golden
The Giants’ celebration is reminiscent of the Los Angeles Kings win in June. H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

I am not a baseball fan, never have been. I live in a place where football is king and baseball is rarely mentioned outside of high school around here.

I am a hockey fan. I live for the sport and normally write about it. If you know anything about what’s going on lately, you’ll see what my life has been like since September 15th. But this World Series caught my attention. It wasn’t the game itself, but one team, the team who just won the whole darn thing.

My friend Rhonda lives in Sacramento and is a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants. Over the past year, I’ve watched her tweet about the Giants the way I tweet about my favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks. Through her, I passively followed the team this season, not really paying attention but noting their ups and downs. What’s the big thing I remember about this season? Brian Wilson’s injury and the fact that hasn’t cut his beard in, like, forever.

Rhonda’s tweets got me interested in following them through the playoffs. I won’t pretend that I know what’s going on – I don’t. I’m used to three fast-paced periods of hockey with two intermissions between those. But I saw the bottom of the ninth inning of Game Four and decided to stay for the entire tenth inning because, like overtime in a hockey game, it’s free baseball. It also gave this Blackhawks fan a chance to say “Detroit sucks”.

The first question out of my mouth and onto Twitter, after Ryan Theriot slid into home, was “Hey, isn’t the game over?” I am very used to one overtime goal ending a game. Thankfully, another baseball-loving friend explained things to me. So I stuck around to watch Sergio Romo pitch.

Now, you can tell how much I paid attention because I don’t know who was hit by the ball, but he’ll be lucky if his hand or finger isn’t broken. When Miguel Cabrera came to bat, my next comment was “If [Jeremy] Affeldt can strike out Cabrera, so can Romo” with the hashtag “what did I just write”. This is not normal for me, trust me. My best friend, who is also a hockey fan, jokingly wondered who I was.

Did I cheer when Cabrera was struck out? You bet I did. They deserved to win. There was the traditional champagne bath, which reminded me of the Blackhawks’ locker room in 2010. And like Jonathan Quick and his performance in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, Pablo Sandoval, from what I gather, was a huge reason why the Giants went all the way to the top. Three home runs in one game? We in hockey call that a hat trick, and it’s a rare and special thing.

So, congratulations to the Giants for winning it all tonight. This entrenched hockey fan is impressed.

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