Did The Detroit Tigers Suffer The Same Fate As Their Previous Opponent?

By Christy Valdez
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012 MLB World Series is now in the history books leaving the Detroit Tigers without a chance to play another game.

As the World Series made it’s way to game four, the Tigers started the game with hope, little did they know that by the end of the night all of their championship hopes would be swept away. Despite starting off with 2-1 lead after the third inning, things got interesting as the game went into extra innings.

In the tenth inning the game was tied 3-3 and the Tigers were in a similar situation as one of their previous opponents before the World Series, the New York Yankees. Being three games behind and on the verge of a San Francisco Giants sweep, the Tigers were set to live the same situation they put the Yankees through.

Detroit earned it’s way to the biggest games of the year when they swept New York in the ALDS but it would come back to haunt them as the Giants would do the same to them. During the World Series the Tigers weren’t the same team that won its way to play again the Giants and it would show once they went three games behind.

The Tigers now know the feeling that their former opponents felt when their championship hopes went away. The worse part for the Tigers was watching it all go away in their home turf, in front of their fans.

As for their former opponents the Yankees, the Tiger’s loss could be considered as their Karma as they would go on to suffer the same fate and pain from less than a week ago.  Detroit ended the Yankees hopes in a quick fashion, despite that they still went through the same experience.


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