MLB Rumors: Are the Los Angeles Dodgers Shopping Andre Ethier?

By Simran Reyatt
Andre Ethier
Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

Roughly five months removed from receiving a five year $85 million contract extension, have the Los Angeles Dodgers already had enough of Andre Ethier?

It has been reported that the Dodgers are willing to trade their sometimes-star, sometimes-struggling right-fielder.

Ethier struggled mightily during the second half of the season, only showing flashes of his old self during the final weeks of the season. His struggles against left-handed pitchers was well documented and opposing managers continually put in lefty’s in late-game situations to face him.

Ethier batted only .222 versus lefties while posting an impressive .325 average versus right-handed guys.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly even considered the possibility of platooning Ethier in right field, based on who was on the mound. But that would make him one of the most expensive platoon players in the league.

Although they are open to trading him, the market will be tough as the Dodgers would likely have to eat the majority of the $85 million owed to Ethier.

The fact that Ethier is even mentioned as being expendable may lead some to believe that young Cuban prospect Yasiel Puig may be progressing faster than anticipated. Puig will be in spring training camp come March with a chance to earn a Major League roster spot.

However, according to CBS Sports’ John Heyman, a source close to the situation said that a trade involving Ethier was “not happening.”

So more than likely, Ethier will be donning the Dodger blue next season, which bodes well for the Dodgers fans, as Ethier has been one of the most popular players in recent years.


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