Chicago White Sox: Jose Quintana Looks Like He Has The Stuff

By Evan Crum
Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

When John Danks went down with an injury early in the year for the Chicago White Sox, White Sox fans panicked. They didn’t know who was going to step up to replace him in the rotation. Then an unknown player stepped in and took over.

Jose Quintana was a pleasant surprise for the White Sox. He was cut by the New York Yankees and the White Sox signed him as a free agent. Quintana was up for a cup of coffee early in 2012 for the White Sox and looked decent. It wasn’t until Danks was injured and was placed on the 15 day disabled list that the White Sox got an extended look at Quintana.

Quintana looked really good for the White Sox. He knew how to get batters out and early on didn’t look like he was overmatched. He proved to be another valuable lefty for the White Sox.

In 2012 he was .500 at six and six but sometimes wins and losses aren’t important when looking at statistics for pitchers. Quintana struck out 81 batters in 25 games. His ERA was 3.76. While that number might be a bit high for a seasoned veteran, for a rookie that isn’t a bad number.

Quintana seemed to have hit the rookie wall later in the year. He wasn’t as dominant as he was earlier in the year and he was having issues finding his location for pitches.

I expect Quintana to be a valuable part of the rotation in 2013. He is still raw and still needs some guidance but it is a good problem for the White Sox to have.

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