Will the Chicago Cubs Ever Be a Contender?


I remember how excited I was when the Chicago Cubs hired Theo Epstein to fix this disgraceful organization. He sat up there during his first press conference and talked about creating the Cubs Way of doing things. Well considering the Cubs lost over 100 games last season, I don’t think he’s off to a good start.

Now many of you might be saying I should be more patient. And I’ve been patient for 38 years, but I don’t like the idea of the Cubs doing nothing the last offseason or suggesting this offseason they’ll seek the services of mid-level free agents. Mid-level free agents? What are the Cubs now, the Pittsburgh Pirates? Are you kidding me?

For a team that was an embarrassment last season, the idea that they’re not going to try and get better is irritating. While I do not expect the Cubs to win a World Series next year, they’re not that far away from being competitive in the NL Central. Instead, they’re promising us fans a solution that makes little-to-no-sense. Thanks guys!

We’ve seen their young players last season, and with the exception of Anthony Rizzo the rest of these guys are a joke. Brett Jackson doesn’t make contact and Josh Vitters isn’t a major league player. I won’t even mention the pitchers that graced the roster. If you’re waiting another season to see if these guys get better, you’ll be even more disappointed. And to make matters worse, the Cubs are going to try and dump Alfonso Soriano. The one guy that actually played well last season will be let go for what? So we can see another terrible prospect. Come on, this isn’t amateur hour. Have some freaking pride.

There’s no reason why the Cubs can’t bring in several free agents while also building a farm system. The idea of being bad to get better draft choices in baseball makes little sense. You develop a farm system by scouting and hiring coaches that can develop young talent. Instead, the Cubs think that drafting high is a solution. They’ve done that the last few years. How is that working out?

It’s time for Epstein and company to start showing me more. I really don’t need to hear about being patient. I need to see a commitment to excellence. And based on what I’m seeing, it isn’t there.

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