Chicago White Sox: Jake Peavy Is Now As Good as Gold

By Evan Crum
Jim Cowsert-US Presswire

On October 30th Jake Peavy’s day got even better. After the Chicago White Sox signed him to a two year contract extension, Peavy got some hardware to go along with that contract.

Peavy won a Gold Glove at pitcher for the American League. Peavy and Jeremy Hellickson of the Tampa Bay Rays both were tied in votes and won the Gold Glove.

Peavy now joins two other pitchers in White Sox history to win this award. Those are Jim Katt in 1974 and 1975, and Mark Buehrle who won the award in 2009-2011. Buehrle is now a four time Gold Glover since he won a Gold Glove in the National League with the Miami Marlins.

This is also only the third time in the long history of the White Sox that they have had a Gold Glove recipient in four consecutive seasons. Those years are 1957-1963 and 1990-1993.

Peavy had very impressive numbers which is why he deserved the Gold Glove. He was only charged with three errors in 37 chances. Another factor that helped Peavy win the award, were the stolen bases that were attempted on him. Opponents were only successful on nine of 17 attempts on Peavy.

This makes the resigning of Peavy even bigger for the White Sox. Now when Peavy is on the mound infielders don’t have to worry as much about fielding balls. He can field balls that other pitchers might not be able to. He also keeps runners on which relives pressure off of the defense.

One of the reasons that White Sox fans fell in love with Buehrle is because of his reputation of fielding his position, and keeping runners on.  Peavy’s efforts and the fact that he won a Gold Glove will endear him to White Sox fans even more.

Like I said, it was a good day for Peavy.

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