Kansas City Royals Acquire Pitcher Ervin Santana

By Riley Schmitt
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

The Los Angeles Angels have been trying to move Ervin Santana for the past few days and they finally found a taker. Santana is going to be headed to the Kansas City Royals as they continue their search for a decent starting rotation.

I like this move for the Royals because Santana has shown flashes of being great.  Then again, he has also shown flashes of being simply terrible.  I would guess the true Santana lies somewhere in the middle, which is an upgrade for KC regardless.  They have a lot of nice offensive pieces, but the pitching is still lagging behind.

For whatever reason, they have failed to identify pitchers in the draft so taking a swing at a guy like Santana is a smart move.  He has shown that he can pitch at a high level and a change of scenery might just be what he needs.  Look at Jeremy Guthrie last year.  He was struggling before he came to KC and then reeled off some impressive starts late in the year for the team.

I am not shocked the Angels traded him, but it is still something that not many people would have guessed a few years ago.  That is the beauty of the game, though.  One minute you are the next big thing, the next minute you are getting shipped out of town.

If the Royals can make some more moves to supplement this, they might fight for a playoff spot sooner than most would think.

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