Milwaukee Brewers’ Aramis Ramirez Gets Snubbed Of Gold Glove

By Michael Terrill

The Milwaukee Brewers have not had a Rawlings Gold Glove Award winner since 1982, which is the longest stretch of time for any team to go without claiming a victor. In fact, the Brewers are the only team in the 2000s who has not won the award. Milwaukee felt good about their chances this year, but somehow Aramis Ramirez was snubbed of his Gold Glove.

San Diego Padres third baseman Chase Headley won the award Tuesday night, while David Wright of the New York Mets was the other finalist among the three players. Ramirez had the highest fielding percentage (.977) at the position with the least amount of errors (7). Headley, on the other hand, had a .976 fielding percentage with 10 errors on the season. Headley did have 93 more assists and 29 more putouts then Ramirez, but he also had 125 more total chances to do so.

It is becoming clear that the winner of the Gold Glove Award is based more on reputation then it is on actual skill level. Ramirez is not known for his glove, which is one of the reasons the Chicago Cubs felt good with him leaving as a free agent. They were wrong of course as this was Ramirez’s best statistical season in the field. In fact, he cut his errors in half from a year ago even though he had more total chance.

Headley is historically known for his great defense at multiple different positions, which is another reason why the managers and coaches voted for him. He is also known for his great range and the fact he stayed healthy this year also helped.

The range factor is something voters are paying more attention to in recent years because it is a statistic that shows the athleticism and intelligence of a player at the given position. The number is based on total putouts and assists divided by the amount of innings a player participates. Headley posted a league-high 2.61 range factor in 2012 while Ramirez had a league-low 2.05 RF.

It was a very close race between the two players as I am sure it was difficult for the voters to decide who deserved the recognition more. Unfortunately, the Brewers will have to wait at least one more season to see if they can finally bring home a Gold Glove.


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