MLB Rumors: Cubs Make Mistake Not Pursing Dan Haren

By Andy Schmidt

The Los Angeles Angels tried to get rid of Dan Haren and Ervin Santana on Wednesday before the Angels had to decide if they wanted to pick up their 2013 options. Santana got shipped to the Kansas City Royals while Haren is still in Los Angeles. I really wish the Cubs would have jumped all over the chance to pick up Haren and maybe gave him a chance to revive his career in the National League.

Yes, Haren had a rough year with a 12-13 record and a 4.33 ERA for the Angels but if the Cubs could have just given up a decent Class AA pitcher and had the Angels pick up most of Haren’s 2013 salary, the trade could have worked out well. The Cubs need pitching in a bad way and just giving Haren a chance would have been worth it. Haren would have fit in nicely as a No. 3 starter in the Cubs’ rotation for 2013 while filing up 200+ innings, which he has done in every year since 2005 except for this past season when injuries held Haren to 30 starts.

I don’t know where the Cubs think they are going to get pitching for next season, but just plugging Haren in at age 32 and hoping he rebounds enough to trade him at the trading deadline if the team is in bad shape would be worth the risk. There aren’t going to be any better options on the free agent market this offseason as the Cubs will find out.

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