MLB Rumors: Are The Los Angeles Dodgers Interested in James Shields?

By Bryan Lutz
Kim Klement – US PRESSWIRE

The Los Angeles Dodgers and their new ownership are spending their money a little like Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber when they are tipping the hotel workers. Magic Johnson and company already have spent upwards to $200 million dollars for the 2013 squad, but that isn’t slowing them down whatsoever. With the health of Chad Billingsley being a concern, the Dodgers are looking for a starting pitcher, which is why we are hearing MLB rumors about the Dodgers and current Tampa Bay Rays pitcher James Shields.

Although the Rays will likely pick up Shields’ option, that’s not stopping Ned Colletti from listing him as Los Angeles’ number one target during the off-season. Even if the Dodgers can’t land Shields, it’s possible that they will throw money towards Zack Greinke or Kyle Lohse.

Alright, let’s try and dissect all of this information and see if it makes sense. First off, I find it hard to believe the Dodgers can make a play for Greinke, unless they want to have a $220 million payroll. Secondly, trading for Shields actually makes a whole lot of sense for both teams involved.

The Rays have a plethora of quality starting pitchers at their disposal, making it possible to shop Shields to the highest bidder. The Dodgers have pitching prospects that the Rays would want in return; plus, it allows Tampa to get something in return for someone who will probably be coming off their books this season.

It’s scary feeling knowing that the Dodgers still want to improve themselves. It should be an interesting winter in La-La land.

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