MLB Rumors: Could Dan Haren End Up With the Red Sox?

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Dan Haren

As the MLB offseason gets under way, the Los Angeles Angels have quickly shown that they have no problems with wheeling and dealing.

The rumor mill has been churning out whispers left and right about the Angels looking to trade away their pitchers to whoever can put a tempting offer on the table. They displayed that willingness to part with their pitchers recently, trading Ervin Santana and some cash to the Kansas City Royals for left-hander Brandon Sisk, a career minor leaguer.

Moving Santana, though, appears to be only the tip of the iceberg for the Angels. Apparently, the Halos are looking to move ace Dan Haren and his $15.5 million option in 2013 and the Boston Red Sox are a potential suitor.

While much talk has been surrounding the potential trade of Zack Greinke, whom many teams appear to after, the Angels are more concerned with keeping him around and shedding some salary elsewhere. That’s where trading Haren comes in.

The Red Sox are looking to add some consistency to their pitching rotation, which makes Haren a top trade target. The 32-year old started 30 games for the Angels in 2012, posting a 4.33 ERA with 142 strikeouts and only 28 homeruns allowed. Although those numbers wavered from his career averages, Haren still displayed the ability to be a lights-out pitcher at times.

The Angels would likely look to package Haren with veteran Vernon Wells. The Red Sox, however, reportedly have no interest in acquiring the injury-prone outfielder.

No matter how it goes down or who they acquire, the Angels are ready to make some moves this offseason as they try to shake off the sour taste that the 2012 season left in their mouths. With such a talented roster and disappointing end result, it’s hard not to be ready to restructure.

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