MLB Rumors: Cubs Shouldn't Consider Bringing Back Ryan Dempster

By Andy Schmidt

There are reports out of Chicago that the Cubs are talking with Ryan Dempster about returning to the team after being traded to Texas last season at the trade deadline. While Dempster is a nice pitcher, the way things went down last year at the deadline makes me shy away from even considering this idea.

It is obvious that he is not an American League pitcher after racking up a 5.09 ERA while with the Rangers the end of the season. I can’t trust a guy though who is a .500 pitcher in his career who wants to veto a trade that sends him to a better situation for his talents.

We all know that the Cubs need pitching in a bad way, but there are different directions that this team can take this offseason instead of going and recycling Dempster back into the rotation. The team would be better off going after Brandon McCarthy, Shaun Marcum or even going big after Anibal Sanchez. Dempster is nearing the end of his career and with the money that he is going to be asking for, the investment just isn’t worth it for a team not expected to do much in 2013.

I wish my beloved Cubs would go after Zack Greinke and make a serious run at him but this team has way too many needs to sink a ton of money into any one player this offseason. I can only hope the North Siders surprise me and make a big move but that wouldn’t be re-signing Dempster.

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