MLB Rumors: Should the Cubs Trade for Alex Rodriguez?

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When will Theo Epstein and company put on their big boy pants and start acting like the Chicago Cubs are one of baseball’s most popular franchises? Instead of suggesting their looking to add mid-level free agents, why not take a shot on a Hall of Fame player that fills a variety of your needs. Alex Rodriguez is most likely going to be traded this winter, and considering the Cubs do not have anything close to a major league third baseman, wouldn’t it make sense to take a shot on ARod?

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t ARod done? If the New York Yankees are looking to move one of baseball’s biggest names; isn’t it because he isn’t good? Well I totally understand that logic, but considering the Cubs do not have an alternative currently anywhere in the organization, he will make them a better team. Let’s remember that ARod has a no-trade clause, so he’d have to be willing to lift it in order for a trade to happen. Considering where ARod is in his career, I think a move to the Cubs would be a great opportunity for him to rejuvenate his career. He gets to play in a big market while not having the pressure of being a Yankee. It is a good fit for both sides.

This deal makes itself. Not only will the Cubs not have to give up anything, the Yankees are going to have to pick up a majority of ARod’s contract. He’s owed an estimated $114 million dollars over the next five years. There’s not an MLB team that is going anywhere near that salary. It especially hurts his trade value when the Yankee’s General Manager Brian Cashman basically suggested that ARod’s best days are behind him.

Consider that Cub fans were stuck watching the Three-Headed Suckfest known as Ian Stewart, Luis Valbuena and Josh Vitters last season, so replacing this with ARod is like having a fine scotch as opposed to rubbing alcohol.

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