MLB Rumors: Five Likely Destinations for Dan Haren

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Oh Danny Boy!

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Before I went to the casino with some friends last night, Dan Haren was “officially” a member of the Chicago Cubs. I couldn’t believe that the Cubs acquired the most underrated pitcher in the last five years, for Carlos Marmol of all people. I mean, Carlos Marmol could hit the ballboy in the dugout on a slider and you wouldn’t be surprised, so it shocked me that Los Angeles would stoop that low.

Before I returned home, however, I learned that the deal fell through due to a disagreement over money, but who knows for sure? With no deal in place, the Angels declined Haren’s option, making him an unrestricted free agent. This hasty decision gave many GMs hope, seeing as Haren would improve any team’s rotation.

It’s safe to assume Haren will have a nice market to choose from. Outside of Greinke, Haren is the top pitcher on the market, so let’s take a look at that market - - shall we?

These are the five best destinations for Dan Haren. Sadly, I am not a mind reader, so these five predictions could be way off; although, I feel pretty confident about these five teams making a push for Dan Haren.

Alas, the five most likely destinations for Dan Haren. Let’s hope these teams aren’t difficult as the Cubs.

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Chicago Cubs

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If the Chicago Cubs really wanted Haren, they would already have them on their team for 2013. However, Theo Epstein was unhappy with something. Money? Medicals? Haren's grungy facial hair? Only the Cubs' brass knows.

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Washington Nationals

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The Washington Nationals were a strike away from reaching their first LCS in franchise history, but then Cardinal magic happened. Having said that, the Nationals could use another starting pitcher on their roster, seeing as Edwin Jackson isn't very likely to return to DC. Similar to Jackson signing with Washington last year, a one-year deal could work for both parties. Nationals get a low risk/high reward starting pitcher, while Haren has the chance to reestablish his value as a true number one.

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Toronto Blue Jays

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Supposedly, Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos has a long wish list of potential targets this winter - - so why not Haren? I really like the Blue Jays heading into the 2013 season. If they stay healthy, they have a good shot to make a run at the playoffs. With Brandon Morrow anchoring their rotation, Haren would make a great number two for Toronto.

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Los Angeles Dodgers


The Los Angeles Dodgers are spending so much money that they might have their own currency by the end of the year. I would have said that this wouldn't have a chance of happening, until I heard about their desire to go after James Shields and Zack Greinke. If they are in the market for those two guys, why not go after Haren?

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Milwaukee Brewers


The Milwaukee Brewers have oodles of money to spend in 2013; plus, they really need a frontline starter. Therefore, Dan Haren seems like a perfect match for Milwaukee. If Greinke isn't willing to come back, they might as well go after the next best thing. Milwaukee can probably get Haren in on a 2-year, $20-22 million deal, making them a contender in the National League Central.

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