Seven New York Mets Become Free Agents; Most Likely Done With Team

By lauraludlum
Anthony Grupusso-US PRESSWIRE

As of today, seven members of the New York Mets became free agents: Scott Hairston, Jon Rauch, Ramon Ramirez, Kelly Shoppach, Tim Byrdak, and Chris Young.

I would imagine that everyone named above will not be a Met any longer, and that’s not really a huge blow to their roster.

It was rumored that the Mets wanted to keep Hairston, but he was looking for a raise and multi-year deal, which the Mets weren’t prepared to offer.  Good call, Mets – I liked Hairston, but to ask for both of those things after hitting .249 with 81 RBIs and 27 home runs over the two seasons he spent in New York is a bit much.

The Mets don’t need to make any more irrational moves, and can find someone for a lesser price who could produce those numbers.  Not to mention, his defense leaves much to be desired.

The only player from that list the Mets should hang on to would be Kelly Shoppach, unless they are planning to pick up a catcher during the offseason, which I doubt will be happening.

Shoppach doesn’t have the greatest numbers, with a career .226 batting average, 207 RBIs, and 67 home runs in 536 games, but he could be good for the Mets in an everyday role.  Plus, his defense behind the plate is better than current catcher, Josh Thole, and as some Mets pitchers found out this season, passed balls are not fun to deal with.

While I don’t think the Mets, or their fans, will be sad to see any of these guys go, the Mets still do need to fill these holes.  Hopefully they will find some upgrades.

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