Some Things Never Change For The Chicago Cubs

By Evan Crum
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I wanted to address something that people would be surprised that I’m addressing: what happened between the Chicago Cubs trade with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The trade was supposed to be for Carlos Marmol and Dan Haren.

I first want to “declare” that I’m not a Cubs fan. I don’t hate the Cubs, but I’m far from a fan. With that being said I had to write about this debacle. This trade broke down in typical Cubby fashion.

First I see online that Marmol was being traded for Haren. Marmol apparently got word of the trade while he was in the Dominican Republic and told reporters there. Then Matt Garza went on Twitter and said he was excited to add another “horse” to the rotation.

Then the deal fell through.  The Angels said a trade was never made. They subsequently declined the option on Haren making him a free agent.  What happened?

This is the second time that something like this has occurred with the Cubs.

Remember when the Cubs tried to trade Ryan Dempster to the Atlanta Braves? Dempster was going to be traded for Randall Delgado. Word got out on Twitter that it was a done deal, Demptster got upset and then decided to not waive his no-trade rights. A potential win for the Cubs broke down.

Now, as a baseball observer and non-Cub fan I gave the Cubs the benefit of the doubt. A mistake was made. Perhaps wires were crossed or someone hit the Tweet button on their Twitter before anything was official. However, this is the second time this has happened where a trade broke down.

There was an old saying in World War Two that “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. Well, this should start applying towards the Cubs. A lot of other MLB teams are going to start thinking twice before trading to the Cubs. They will start to worry that any transaction that takes place between the Cubs and them will be reported before it even occurs.

I know that Cub fans aren’t going to like hearing this but perhaps they can take lesson from the South side. When the Chicago White Sox make trades there are no leaks. There are no Tweets that report something that doesn’t happen. Things are tight lipped besides the fact that the White Sox are looking for a trade.

The Cubs have to get their house in order very quickly. Cub fans want their team to actually be legitimate again. Most Cub fans that I know and have spoken with can excuse a 100-loss season since they are building towards the future. However, after this debacle I would sense that their patience is running very thin.

One of the hopes Cub fans had when Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer took over the Cubs was that things would start to be “un-Cubs-like”. Not having a holy man put holy water on a dugout to “expel” curses, not bringing a goat into Wrigley Field to break a curse – just a couple examples of the behavior the Cubs had before Epstein and Hoyer.

It seems like that nothing has changed on the North side of Chicago. Things have become more Cubs-like and this just another perfect example. The question is, what is actually going on with the Cubs?

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