The Clown Car at Wrigley Field


Yesterday’s events with an initial trade by the Chicago Cubs of Carlos Marmol for Dan Haren from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and then having the trade fall apart is just another example of how bad things are with the Cubs. Owner Tom Ricketts, Team President Theo Epstein and General Manager Jed Hoyer are continuing the clown car tradition that has plagued this organization for years.

For years us Cubs fans suffered with the likes of Ed Lynch, Andy McPhail and Jim Hendry. While the faces have changed, the song remains the same. The Cubs lost over 100 games last season and look to be headed down the same path. But don’t worry, the organization has In Theo We Trust; the same guy that the Boston Red Sox seem none-to-pleased is gone considering they’ve undid almost all of his previous moves.  And while I make fun of McPhail, he’s built the Baltimore Orioles into a pretty solid organization.

Based on what I’m seeing, we’ve all been fooled. Fooled by the same organization that has fooled us for years. How much more of this charade can us Cubs fans take? I know I am at my whit’s end. Watching this organization make one bad move after another and not even come close to fixing the problem is getting old.

The Haren trade would have been a wise move. Not only would you have improved the organization but trading away Marmol who not only has struggled the past two seasons but wants out of town. Instead, you have an even more disgruntled pitcher on your hands and Haren now on the free-agent market. If the Cubs really wanted Haren, they should have made this deal earlier in the week when details could have been worked out over a few days instead of hours. With a limited time frame, there was no way to make this deal happen. This shows me a total breakdown in how things are done at Clark and Addison.

Unless there’s a better plan in place, the Cubs will be a laughing stock again next season. And based on what I’m seeing, for many years to come.

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