Cody Ross Makes Sense for New York Mets

By lauraludlum

Cody Ross never made an impression on me until I watched him from my seat in Shea Stadium at the last game to ever be played there.  He was with the Florida Marlins then, and that day not only had they defeated the New York Mets on their last day there, but they had also officially eliminated the Mets from forcing a one game playoff game.

As I watched Ross and his fellow Marlins jump up and down in celebration, I noticed he also bent down to pick up some dirt from the field, in a mocking manner.  Mind you, the Marlins gained nothing from that game, nor were they going to the playoffs themselves.  From then on, I wished nothing but strikeouts upon him.

He fell off my radar until he joined the Boston Red Sox before the 2012 season, and I was reminded how much I hated him.  Well, while in Boston I had the opportunity to work with him one day, and it turns out he is an incredibly nice guy.

I hate when that happens.

So while personal feelings should not be taken in to account when deciding who is best for the team you root for, I probably wouldn’t be writing the following paragraphs had I never met him.

Ross makes perfect sense for the Mets.

The Mets don’t have one real outfielder.  Jason Bay used to be one, but aside from the fact that he might as well be using a branch as a bat, he is so injury prone they can’t even use him enough for “defensive purposes.”

Ross is still young enough at age 31 to play the position well for a couple of years to come.  He has a decent bat, too.  While on a Red Sox team that was just imploding last season, he managed to hit .267 with 81 RBI.  Only David Wright and Ike Davis had more than that for the Mets last season.

And his 22 home runs would have also put him behind just Ike Davis.

The biggest selling point is that he is cheap; he made $3 million in 2012.  It’s pretty obvious that the Mets aren’t going to make any block buster deals this offseason, so this pricetag is right up their alley.

This would be a good pickup, and maybe add some stability to the outfield.

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